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The Centre for Speech Experimentation (CEP) is a shared experimental platform for the collection and analysis of data for the study of speech production and perception. The CEP allows to gather a wide range of audio and video data, but also physiological and cerebral information. The CEP is composed of different technical platforms on a surface of 150 m2 and offers the possibility to conduct the experiments in excellent conditions.

The platform is also open for external requests et benefits of the label Aix-Marseille Technological Plateform.

The CEP is composed of three sectors:

APAVIP (Aero-Phono-Audio-Video-Perception) --- Contact: Alain Ghio
ArtiPhys (EMA, Palatography, Biopac) --- Contact: Thierry Legou
Neurotrack (Neurophysiology and Eye-tracking) --- Contact: Anne-Sophie Dubarry

Moreover, users benefit of the support of the following technical staff:

--- Sabrina Kadri for experimental equipment loan (except AV and computer) and GRES user assistance;
--- Carine André and Antonio Serrato for AV data recording and equipment loan;
--- Sébastien Bermond for experimental hardware loan.

Involve in scientific research and participate to (paid) experiences in Aix and in Marseille !

NEW since February 2019!

Resource Manager for Scientific Studies (GRES)

The MRBS reservation system has been migrated to the new CEP room and equipment booking portal. The GRES portal gives access to the reservation of experimental spaces / resources and is, optionally, the entry point for the recruitment of volunteers to the experiments. It also makes it possible to give visibility to the experimental work carried out on the platform or the work carried out in the field using CEP materials.
One of the main advantages is the ability to make reservations now from the outside.

Important Links:
Access the portal
GRES Tutorial

It is no longer necessary to fill out the "Word" form. The form is filled in online.
Reminder: The keys of the experimental rooms are to borrow at the secretariat of LPL (contact Stéphanie Desous).

Other bookings at the LPL:
Meeting rooms can still be booked via the MRBS.
Classrooms: please contact Campus Schuman
Conference Rooms: please contact LPL Administration